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Comments from Singapore Linda

Comments from Singapore Linda

 Dear Superb
I have been dealing with Superb , thru Ms Bonnie Lee, starting from my 1st Purchase Order ref.HI28-72 dated 11 May 2015.
I must say, since that moment my PO to her has been growing to-date.
In fact, just today 21 December 2016, I have emailed to her my latest of order list.
One very good reason I am encouraged to continue business with Superb Technology till today, is because of Ms Bonnie fine and kind characteristics.
She knows how to do business, understand her client's requirements and preferences.
To be honest, most prices quoted on average are not cheap as compared to my other regular suppliers; but she is able to compromise some target prices which I have given, so far. Which I feel is fair and acceptable.
In fact, due to this reason, I would prefer to give the whole order list to Ms Bonnie instead of others - priority to her!
What's more important is her return policy.
We have experienced some difficult moments when some parts are of the wrong quality, not the types I requested; but she made it easy.
And as customer I appreciate!
Ms Bonnie is The Best.
Wish her every success for all her good efforts.
Thank you.
Linda M

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