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As a global electronic component expert, Superb has more than 25 years experience to meet your requests and solutions for CPLD, FPGA, DSP, MCU, microwave and RF components.

Superb provide end-users with All the parts in the BOM, and keep inventorties for them at a stable price.

Superb is the leader in this industry in supplying whole BOM. No one is more professional than us. We let our customers enjoy the best experience.

Superb support Low-end, Middile-end, high-end parts with different brands for customers to make comparison. So that customers can reduce costs and improve performance based on their own needs!

Superb also help customers to look for PCB and SMT manufacturers in China. We can help them with the payment, delivery, testing, supervision, sampling and other services.

Your relationship with SUPERB starts with your needs and not with our line card.



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