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【Inverter program customization】

【Inverter program customization】

Customized information Our company specializes in providing custom inverter solutions and supporting services for driver boards, control boards and components. Whole machine supporting program personalized customization serviceChip supply with program and program programming service Fixed-point supply of finished products of driver board and control board One-stop service for software customization and rewriting

Program Features

1、Main chip TI 32-bit TMS320F28034 DSP processor, control mode supports Vf, open-loop vector, closed-loop vector

2、Vf, the open-loop vector low-frequency torque is large and the stable output can reach 150% at 0.2Hz,

3、Support 8 groups of digital input DI, 4 groups of digital output DO, support high-speed pulse input and output,

4、There are hardware and software overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, ground protection, phase-to-phase protection and other protection functions

5、 UI menu can be customized according to customer requirements, compatible with previous product series and users' previous usage habits。

















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