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Digital instrument scheme customization

Digital instrument scheme customization

Digital instrument scheme customization

【Complete machine and complete solution can be provided】


The digital instrument uses imported DSP as the core processor, which has fast processing speed and stable operation. Not only has high-precision measurement and metering functions, but also can analyze power quality, monitor and record system operating conditions. With RS 4 8 5 or Ethernet communication interface, it is convenient for system integration. Widely used in industry, construction, communication, subway, civil power supply system and substation.

◇Application range

■ Carry out current monitoring of busbars or important feeders

■Substation, building or factory automation system ■Factory power system automation and load control ■Industrial enterprise power supply and distribution automation system ■Power plant electrical monitoring and management system ■Subway monitoring system ■Communication base station monitoring system

◇Product Features

■0.5 precision voltage and current measurement

■Alarm of setting value exceeding limit ■2-way D I, 2-way D O ■Event sequence recording function ■To judge the current direction, to solve the problem of reverse connection of C and T lines on site ■LCD display; C T ratio, meter address can be set ■Storage parameters are not lost for 10 years ■Multiple communication interfaces, support a variety of communication protocols ■Compact and compact structure, easy to install










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