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AM/FM/WB Disaster Warning Radio Solution

AM/FM/WB Disaster Warning Radio Solution

AM/FM/WB Disaster Warning Radio Solution

Early Warning Radio Program

SG0702 IC is an integrated circuit integrating AM/FM radio frequency display clock control and radio auxiliary control. Especially suitable for multi-band and WB-band radios with AC1602 as the main chip. It realizes PLL frequency control, frequency storage, 40-segment electronic volume, automatic shutdown after timed startup, luminous lighting, stereo symbol display, battery power measurement, battery undervoltage automatic shutdown, etc. Features. The CMOS process integrated circuit adopts the I2C bus control mode.


● 4 Band Frequency Phase Locked FM, MW, SW, WB

● 90 stations storage: (FM: 30 MW: 30 SW: 30 expandable)

● Manual, automatic storage tuning mode

● Button-type 40-segment electronic volume

● Tuning mute function

● Antenna signal strength display: RSSI and SNR

● LCD4 common poles drive 21 character segments, drive 1/3BIAS 1/4DUTY

● External 32.168K crystal oscillator

● Voltage 1.8V-5.5V, typical 3V

● 24 hour clock function

● 90 minutes automatic shutdown function

● 24-hour timer boot function

● Any button luminous lighting

● Low voltage automatic shutdown function

● Supporting EEPROM 24LC02 radio storage (optional)

● Support PWM output (voltage control, single tone buzzer alarm)

Button function description

●POWER, SLEEP: Power ON/OFF switch, "press" to turn on when the power is OFF, and to turn off when the power is ON, press more than 1S to enter SLEEP 90-80-70...0 to cancel SLEEP, and the SLEEP mark will be displayed after the automatic shutdown is enabled.

●BAND/TIME SET (band switching/time setting): when the power is ON, the band is switched FM-AM-WB-FM….cycle, and the clock time is set when the power is OFF.

●MEM/ALON, OFF (stored radio/timer switch settings): When the power is ON: Stored radio Operation steps: MEM CH MEM During the storage of radio, the LCD MEMO and auxiliary display area flashes at a speed of 0.5 seconds, and the power is turned off until you press MEM again to confirm. , press 'press' to enter the AL timing power-on setting state, and adjust the hours and minutes with the UP and DOWN keys.

●UP DOWN/hour, minute adjustment: when POWER ON, adjust the frequency up and down, press more than 0.5S to automatically search, when POWER OFF: cooperate with the BAND/AL/TIME SET key to adjust the hour and minute.

●M+, M-: When POWER ON, cooperate with the MEN key to flip the storage page up and down, and directly press the P+ and P- keys to call the storage location to flip up/down each time.

●VOL+ VOL- Potential output button, VOL UP increases, VOL DOWN decreases, and presses over 0.5S to start the combo function. The LCD lights up the VOL mark and the auxiliary display part displays the corresponding series.

●ALERT: In the WB band and enter 1-7CH, enter the 1050HZ waiting for the alarm state, when the conditions are established, the radio will be automatically turned on.




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